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Thommy Ten & Amélie van Tass are among the most successful magicians in the world, having performed in impressive locations such as the New York Broadway and the Sydney Opera House. Considering their success, it was only a matter of time before they performed in a comparable, glamorous venue in their home country of Austria. On August 29th, 2021, they became the first magicians ever to perform at the Vienna State Opera!

What an unforgettable evening it was!


The duo had promised "Magic in Vienna" for their sold-out performance at the Vienna State Opera, and they certainly delivered on that promise, as evidenced by the standing ovations from the thrilled audience.

In preparation for their specially created program for the Vienna State Opera, the world champion magicians had sought out the traces of famous magicians in Vienna. During the Fin de siècle, the Austrian capital was considered the world capital of magic, with numerous tricks that are still famous and commonly used today having been invented by Viennese magicians at that time. Of course, the visitors of "Magic in Vienna" were treated to these very same tricks, as well as with breathtaking illusions, unbelievable mental magic moments, and plenty of humor from Thommy & Amélie.

Immerse yourself in the magical wonderland of Thommy Ten & Amélie van Tass and let yourself be enchanted by "Magic in Vienna"!

Thommy Ten & Amélie van Tass- THE NEW SHOW!
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