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The Clairvoyants EXPERIENCE

After performing in over 100 sold out casinos throughout the North America, touring worldwide and headlining at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, The Clairvoyants are kicking with a brand new interactive live show. In addition to never before seen tricks, The Clairvoyants Experience will feature the duos dog, Mr. Koni Hundini as part of the show. Audiences will be involved throughout the show and will experience the magic in their minds and hands. 


This is not just a show,” Thommy Ten explains, “This is an experience that people will talk about for a long time!”


Every night will be unique and different,” Amelie van Tass said. “We will break the barrier between the stage and the audience, making those in attendance a major part of the whole experience.”


Since their engagement in 2019, Thommy and Amelie’s connection has grown even stronger, bringing their clairvoyance to another extraordinary level.


In 2016, The Clairvoyants decided to take part in the biggest talent show in the world, “America’s Got Talent.” After four months, eight different performances and over 100,000 contestants, America voted The Clairvoyants second place. In beginning of 2019 they appeared twice on NBC's new show "America's Got Talent: The Champions.”


The Clairvoyants have experienced many highlights in their career, including the opportunity to perform their show at the Sydney Opera House. In winter 2016 they experienced another career highlight, headlining in the Palace Theatre in New York City, on Broadway. The show was the best selling magic show in Broadway history. Since 2021 they headline nightly with Americas Got Talent LIVE in Las Vegas!

Zweifach Zauberhaft - Die NEUE SHOW
Thommy Ten & Amélie van Tass- THE NEW SHOW!
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